Reviews for "The Last Angel"

This would be the way to design a shooter without bullets or score, but...
a bit more story, the bullet hell needs a bit more screen real estate, more visuals for all boss health (if it takes a billion hits i wouldn't know the difference at times - at least give me something flashy to show I hit him!), charged up attacks aren't all that powerful.

it got REALLY boring after a while...

I loved how the game taught me how to play, and how concepts were applied over time into a great learning curve that made me feel tactical as I combined knowledge and topics I learned previous to help me venture onward. My one complaint is that picking up the sheep feels like it should be done with a different button other then the attack one. I constantly was trying to drop the sheep to swing at some oncoming birds but was thwarted by the fluffy bastard.

It is way laggy. It may be a computer issue... but hey

It was an all right shooter, while it worked. I mean, a "fallen" angel and a sheep? It doesn't really make any sense. Unfortunately I ran into a problem where I couldn't kill one of the mini-boss-ish enemies. Well, it's possible I could have killed it, but after 5 minutes of charged slashes I couldn't even tell if I was damaging it, so I decided I had better things to do with my time.