Reviews for "My Little Dashie - Alpha"

The game is really good, except for the fact that we're using ponies to fight... anyway, what level do I need to reach to beat the Big Boss? I can't beat her in level 10!! (PM me, plz)

sonicmon1 responds:

What class did you use. If you used Balanced, only prayers can help. If you used attacker, you need to start focusing on both your Attack and your AP recovery, as well as potions. If you used defender, you need to focus on your defense and your AP. Growl until she can't attack you, Stare until it does nothing, and then fly to victory.

I really hope this helped.

Your's Awesomely,


I liked the beginning, but only the beginning, because there's no story that goes on afterwards, its just talking and battling. :(

Rainbow dash is so cute <3

actully my sister likes my little pony but i dont get the sonic songs why not use my little pony music???

sonicmon1 responds:

Because, sometimes, My Little Pony music just can't match the upbeat nature of the Sonic Songs. If you have listened to any of their songs, you'll understand what I mean. You can't really use Winter Wrap Up as a battle theme. That's why Pokemon is used instead.

total glitch,i can't even throw an attack