Reviews for "My Little Dashie - Alpha"

So far, good. I'm excited for the full version. PLEASE, add more story. I love the storyline so far. Also, maybe some way to find/catch ponies?

sonicmon1 responds:

The storyline will not be the same as this one. I'm trying to go for a more action-based story, so that people who have not read the original fanfic, can still do so with a fresh batch of eyes.

Why did I not get my medals? game is decent, I think it takes too long to gain xp for it not having more to the story.

sonicmon1 responds:

Thank you for your feedback. The story isn't there because originally, this was going to be a My Little Dashie story, but after negotiations with the author, the idea was pulled back.
So EXP takes too long to gain, ok, I'll take that into consideration next round. Thank you very much.

2 words LOVE IT!!!!!!!

i love the game but theres somethin bad though make moar ponys to fight like rarity pinkie pie and celestia and make a move sonic rain boom if u delete the second last boss which can be erm princess cadence mckay?

this game can be better by
-more moves
-move battles
-more items
-more story
-more bosses (discord as king boss)
-more classes
but,it was kind of good ,:D