Reviews for "My Little Dashie - Alpha"

Well although I don't agree with what you're doing here, as it really doesn't apply that much to the actual story, the game itself is GREAT! Really nice for an alpha. When I read "RPG" I though more like a choose your own adventure-type thing where you make decisions, like a story. I'd rather have it built like that. The only thing that bugged me was how the menus changed. You had to wait until one menu completely disappeared before you could click the next icon, or it would start over the menu-changing.
Regardless of my personal distaste at what your doing here, 5 stars, can't wait to play the final version!

sonicmon1 responds:

The reason the story is so different to the fanfic, is so that people can go away and read the fanfic, and still have a completely new experience. It's a way of increasing the fun * 2.

Yeah, the menu thing is being looked at currently.

I can't wait to make the final version. However, a beta is coming out long before then. I'm sorry to say, but expect a 2013 release date for the final version.

please fix defense. when i went to fight luna tackle would not hit stare or glare just made me lose ap and only growl would hit so fix that for beta. i love this game so much. next review will be about beta.

sonicmon1 responds:

Yeah, I will admit, Defense is a bit of a weak class. I do like the idea of a class-based RPG, and hope to bring it forward to the beta. Thank you for your input!

hi i love it.
but you need to have more stories.
each battle has a story.

sonicmon1 responds:

In the final version, there shall be a story. Do not fear.

i haved level 7 i started again because you rainbow dash stop lioving me and i dont think your rela d: D": XD xd LOL LOL lol lol

only one problem is because the game kinda glitches a tiny bit