Reviews for "My Little Dashie - Alpha"

this is super cute the movie i cried my eyes out

I love it :) the game is so awesome

I LOVE IT! But its just the alpha. cant wait for the full version.

The only thing wich i don't like is that in the boss fight,you been atacked too while you have enough AP for more than one atack. But okay, its a boss fight

I dont know if it's my computer or what, but i cant play :c its just Dash fallowing my cursor around the screen and im too nooby to figure out how to do anything, so a little help would be fantastic!

sonicmon1 responds:

You may see a button on the bottom right saying 'Old Diary'. This is the story mode. I apologize for not being any clearer.

Fun game and a good idea to get to be in this guy's shoes raising up lil dashie and im sure those who have seen My Little Dashie and fan's alike would have fun with this game!