Reviews for "My Little Dashie - Alpha"

It's a very good game, overall, I would rate this maybe a 4.5/5 stars for some gameplay reasons. It needs to have a bigger story, more perks, fights, etc. But I really loved it. I hope this helped.

only one problem is because the game kinda glitches a tiny bit

here is a glitch if your level is too low for princess luna and you select dashing blow to try to kill here you will gain lots more ap.

i LUV this game lol this is the best game evah ITS SOOOOOOOOOOO EPICLY EPICNESS great great great :D

THE GAME IS AW|E|SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Real Review (only for people who like to read) : The game was excellent. But you should be able to play with rainbow dash (when you click on chat, she will sometimes ask to play but you can't). There should also be more ponies (and spike) in the game. All the ponies that you can battle should be able to pop up at random levels (but only up to your level, not to strong) (or maybe up to 1 level stronger). Pinkamena should be the final boss. There should be team battles. Make sure all the princess ponies are in the game. Each pony should also have their own special move (I did not complete the game yet but if rainbow dash cannot learn her sonic rainboom then be sure to include that). And mabey their should also be some extra moves that you can be in the store to use with rainbow dash. BTW THIS IS NOT A PARAGRAPH, ITS JUST SENTENCES