Reviews for "My Little Dashie - Alpha"

while this game does have potential, it has some definite problems. first of all, I know that the title is "My Little Dashie," but I feel as though you would add a degree of depth if you allow the player to choose which pony they want to play with.
furthermore, right now, I feel as though the battles are too difficult. I can't even get past Twilight Sparkles. a hit/miss ratio would make solve that problem a bit. it would also be nice if the white screen that the pony walked along had more detail... and if there were very small battles to be had there so that you could build experience before you have your first real (and seemingly impossible) battle. if that features is part of the white screen, I apologize. I walked around for a while and saw nothing.

anyway, in time, I do hope to see this game improve.
it could be something truly great.

sonicmon1 responds:

Dear Zag,

Thank you for your critique.

You would not believe how many people request to choose their own pony. I will work on it as a side project once the engine has been finalized and polished. However, this is a tribute to the popular fanfic, which features an owner finding a little Dashie in a cardboard box. It wouldn't make sense if you could choose the pony.

Fear not, though. The Mane 6 will feature in this game. Don't worry.

This all depends on what class you chose. I gave a brief guide on how to win battles in the description. I'm sorry if it was not adequate. I recommend Defender for new players to reduce the opponents attack (Growl) and then reduce the Defence (Stare) before finally going in for the kill.

The white screen aspect will be removed in the next update. This game is getting constant attention from me, so, hopefully, the updates will be frequent. The screen will go. I am hoping to replace it with just the Old Diary. Dashie will instead walk around the Preloader menu and nowhere else.

You will see this game improve. It will take time, but it will get there. Thank you for your guidance.

Your's Awesomely,