Reviews for "My Little Dashie - Alpha"

The game has a lot of potential, the battle system already has some form, but it's a little too simple now, add some multipliers (defence bonusses, weaknesses, hit and miss, etc..)
I did like the ap system, which kind of is the agility or stamina of the characters.

The most important part, though, will be the story, mlp has it's success thanks to strong plots and deep characters, make sure this game does NOT miss this, or it'll never succeed despite a soundly built engine. So for this you have yet to earn your 5th star :)

sonicmon1 responds:

I glad I have a goal to achieve. Thanks Deeyay. While I'm not a renowned script writer, I will try my best to deliver a story that will be respectful of the MLP series. Please note, that this will not be the exact same story as My Little Dashie. It will branch off from it, to allow more scenes and a bit more interaction.

Thank you for your kind words and suggestions. They have not gone unheard!

For an alpha, amazing. The story is interesting. I really enjoy the thought that it might all have been a drunken dream or something. I look forward to seeing more of the story and more of the characters.

That being said the game has some issues.
Minor heals 12 AP.
Bulk costs 10 times as much and heals 40 AP.
And you can use as many minor at a time as you want?
Something here needs to change. Spending that much money on bulk AP is a giant waste of money. To make the bulk worth it, it must heal more than 10 times the minor.

I used Attacker. I noticed that the 6 AP tackle and the 10 AP fly attacks combine to do more damage than the 16AP attack. When you can attack as many times as you have AP for, the final attack is good for one thing only, a faster battle when you know you can win. the 16 AP attack should do more damage than it does to make it worth while.

Final suggestion, make the credits run faster. They have been rolling the entire time I wrote this.

sonicmon1 responds:

Yeah, the items system will get a complete overhaul soon. I need to add items you can sell. I'm thinking, "Unicorn Horn Fragment" and stuff like that. Mad Lootz make games amazing.

The Attacker is getting looked at too. Defender seems to be fine, but Balanced. Nope, that needs investigating too. I'm looking at adding in unlockable moves, which would mean that you could get a stronger attack than Dashing Blow.

The reason the credits runs so slow is because that's the amount of sources I have. If people help the project, they will be added to the list and the list will, therefore, go faster.

Thanks for your suggestions. I hope you continue to watch and enjoy this project as it grows.

Your's Awesomely,


While not exactly what you might think when you hear "My Little Dashie", this game is very good. Reason I give this 5 stars? Well, first of all, playable alpha, a developer that listens to his players, and a god damned enjoyable game! This is an interesting idea indeed, and I will follow this game like a hawk! Or a griffon, take your pick.

sonicmon1 responds:

I don't like Gilda too much since she yelled at Fluttershy, so I'll go Hawk.

Well, people love being listened to. What is the point of making a game, which I believe is a personal experience you share with others, if you're not going to allow the player any say. Using Alphas are a perfect way to get the community opinion and change the game for them.

I appreciate everything you've said. I have enjoyed making this game, I will continue to enjoy it. Keep asking for things and I will do my best to deliver.

Thank you for your awesome words friend!

Your's Awesomely,


while this game does have potential, it has some definite problems. first of all, I know that the title is "My Little Dashie," but I feel as though you would add a degree of depth if you allow the player to choose which pony they want to play with.
furthermore, right now, I feel as though the battles are too difficult. I can't even get past Twilight Sparkles. a hit/miss ratio would make solve that problem a bit. it would also be nice if the white screen that the pony walked along had more detail... and if there were very small battles to be had there so that you could build experience before you have your first real (and seemingly impossible) battle. if that features is part of the white screen, I apologize. I walked around for a while and saw nothing.

anyway, in time, I do hope to see this game improve.
it could be something truly great.

sonicmon1 responds:

Dear Zag,

Thank you for your critique.

You would not believe how many people request to choose their own pony. I will work on it as a side project once the engine has been finalized and polished. However, this is a tribute to the popular fanfic, which features an owner finding a little Dashie in a cardboard box. It wouldn't make sense if you could choose the pony.

Fear not, though. The Mane 6 will feature in this game. Don't worry.

This all depends on what class you chose. I gave a brief guide on how to win battles in the description. I'm sorry if it was not adequate. I recommend Defender for new players to reduce the opponents attack (Growl) and then reduce the Defence (Stare) before finally going in for the kill.

The white screen aspect will be removed in the next update. This game is getting constant attention from me, so, hopefully, the updates will be frequent. The screen will go. I am hoping to replace it with just the Old Diary. Dashie will instead walk around the Preloader menu and nowhere else.

You will see this game improve. It will take time, but it will get there. Thank you for your guidance.

Your's Awesomely,