Reviews for "My Little Dashie - Alpha"

Its a good game and all but really why ponies? i hate them gah

this flash game was a pain to go through

sonicmon1 responds:

I'm sorry you feel that way. I have made a Sonic RPG if that makes you feel any better.

I regret nothing!

A relatively fun level-up game.

But the characters you've chosen for the story is weird.

You should forget about the "My little Dashie" fan fic and just make this an all out Pokemon themed battle.

Where you collect ponies and raise them. You start off with the one you choose. Secret ones that could be discovered is a Doctor Whooves or a Derpy.

What disappoints me is the lack of attacks and animation. But you've got the right idea.

Build up on this idea, cause leveling up is fun.

But don't make leveling up too cumbersome. It's not about repeating battles but knowing the right strategy for each enemy.

Have the main character be 'Megan' or 'son of' or something.

sonicmon1 responds:

FunFact: This game was originally a pet simulator without a pokemon battle, it was later added on for replayability. It actually received more attention and love with it so the other parts were scratched and it became focused on the fighting.

Thanks JakBaronKing for commenting.

A lot of people really do want to be able to choose a pony. Believe me, it's something I want to do too. However, the problem with going down this path is the story. Now, the story for this project isn't too hard because I only have to see it through the eyes of ONE pony. However, once I add the option of choosing, I would then have to draw the same scene 6 times for each choice the player makes.

However, don't quit on me just yet. I'm not going to abandon the Mane 6. I will give them some time to be useable. I'm considering making them playable for the final boss, where you can use each of the Mane 6 to try and take down the Final Boss. This is on the drawing board at the moment. I have to consider mechanics that would make it difficult and fun.

I'm sorry about the lack of sophisticated animations. I'm not an animator, but rather, I've been designing this whole package by myself. This is the product of work I've been doing outside of work and college, and I haven't had any outside support besides the source material used in this game. I am seeking support however, and hopefully, the game will shine because of it.

Thank you for your suggestions. They have not gone unheard.

Your's Awesomely,


Cool game but the only problem i had with this game was the last boss was about stacking potions rather than using your skill properly. Also it seems that the medal do not work. You should also add a replay function for each battle insted of making the person have to click diary, battle, etc etc. Overall it was a fun game.

sonicmon1 responds:

I swear I fixed the Luna problem. I'm terribly sorry about that. Luna was supposed to be a sign of desperation. That, you know, you've made it far, but you'll never make it far enough.

She was beatable, but she is a tough opponent. And everything you thought you learnt beforehand was a lie. Because she can attack right after you do, meaning you can't just dive headfirst into a battle without thinking about it.

I'm thinking of making potions ingame force you to defend. It would make the game a lot more difficult, that's for sure.

Thanks for your suggestions, RamUrMother. They have not gone unnoticed.

Your's Awesomely,


Hello there,

I loved the game but there are some problems that some of the people have not talked about. First in the High Score tab I'm level ten but it doesn't show it. I have battled as a level ten and won but still hasn't shown up. Please fix that I'm on the top of the leader board but it looks like I'm tied with the 2nd guy. Second in the animation with the attacks it's a little bit laggy. It might just be my computer but just want to let you know. Third maybe add a multiplayer element that would be fun and add some more bosses and maybe with multiple enemies. Maybe add voices in the campaign I would be glad to add my voice if you would want to. If I find anything else ill email you on your account. Hope you keep the updates coming it could compete with pokemon defense.

sonicmon1 responds:

1) I have no idea why the HS system doesn't work. It seems fine to me. Have you tried saving, restarting the game, and seeing if that fixes anything?
2) Unfortunately, it may be your computer. This game is a bit resource heavy in some moments, so I don't know if I can help you there. Sorry.
3) It will be added at a later stage. Story comes first. If the story is crap, no-one's going to stay for multiplayer.
4) I'm super duper keen to find Voice Actors for the My Little Dashie project. It would be cool if I could get someone to say the lines rather than have to read them.

Thanks for your suggestions AppleShotgun, I'll be working hard to make sure this game is awesome.

Your's Awesomely,


The game is really good, except for the fact that we're using ponies to fight... anyway, what level do I need to reach to beat the Big Boss? I can't beat her in level 10!! (PM me, plz)

sonicmon1 responds:

What class did you use. If you used Balanced, only prayers can help. If you used attacker, you need to start focusing on both your Attack and your AP recovery, as well as potions. If you used defender, you need to focus on your defense and your AP. Growl until she can't attack you, Stare until it does nothing, and then fly to victory.

I really hope this helped.

Your's Awesomely,