Reviews for "My Little Dashie - Alpha"

well, I can't really add unspoken criticism (more of everything, more animation, more characters, more moves, more story, maybe teammates? Armor, weapons, limit-breaks, voice acting, etc.)

Also, my subjective opinion: real photos and toons just don't work together, draw the characters, try to make the cartoon styles of your characters and those of MLP looking somewhat similar
I liked it, fav'd it and hope this will get big as it was fun

Oh and would you mind telling me the version of the song of the battle with Luna?
thx for the game and greets

sonicmon1 responds:

The song you are looking for is Sonic Generations - Death Egg Robot Remix

I am attempting doing my own drawings. It will be hard, as I have never delved into the line of animating before. It should be fun.

Thank you for your suggestions!

It is fun, but (I realize it is still an alpha) it needs more battles, and character customization. I recommend an equipment shop, and equipment changing the sprite. Also, new attacks would be great. Still, a fun game and a good way to waste time.

I get to do chores? Hooray!

Here are my thoughts in no particular order.

-Well, you're definitely maxing out the cute factor here.
-The style change after the battle was a little odd, but also adorable.
-When I went to battle Twilight for a second time under the Battle option, her attacks literally did NO damage. I'm not sure if this is because I leveled up or not.
-I would recommend some sort of result screen at the end of every battle to show you how much experience and money you earned, how much money you now have, how much experience you need to get to the next level, etc.
-Give a thought to trying to get some original battle music, attack animations, opening animations, pictures and fonts - really make it your own.
-I'd suggest sticking with one graphic style and developing it.
-The battle system might need a little refinement. There's nothing particularly wrong with it - you might just want to do some testing and tweaking of the mechanics, maybe get some more strategy and interactivity involved, make the AI a bit smarter, and so on. On the other hand, good job having the system catch and alert us to stat-changing abilities no longer doing anything.
-The ability to learn new attacks would be good.
-As it stands now, you could probably beat Fluttershy at only level 3, and I had to be level 9 to beat Luna.
-In the text that appears after using Stare, there's no space between the words "been" and "reduced." -You should have some roll-over text on each of the moves describing what they do.
-During the story scenes, some of the text seems to be missing.
-Try making the menu system a little prettier.
-It'd be cool if we could play with Dash in the "waiting screen."
-Once your experience exceeds 10,000, the last zero gets partially cut off.
-When I started my battle with Luna, I only had 12 AP instead of the full 18, and she attacked every time after I attacked, and then when I Defended, she didn't attack. I don't know if those are just her peculiarities or a programming problem.
-I think the picture of Twilight and Rainbow Dash sitting/laying side-by-side *may* be by a guy on deviantArt with the username "johnjoseco". It looks like his style.
-Leveling up gets kind of dull after you reach level six or seven. I'd suggest more kinds of battles, or maybe finding a way to make battles more interactive - like action events or something. Not the ones where you die if you mess up, but like the ones in the Paper Mario games - when you enter commands correctly with the right timing, the effectiveness of the attack increases. Maybe some voice overs during attacks...?
-I liked the credits song you picked.
-And of course, the story needs to be longer and all that other stuff you're probably going to take care of anyway.

So far it's looking really good. I'm interested in seeing how this turns out.

Why is the final boss to impossible to beat???

sonicmon1 responds:

Because then she wouldn't be the final boss XD

You need to consider your class and work with its strengths and weaknesses.

Attackers should have high Attack and AP Recovery, as well as decent defence, don't worry about the health

Defenders should have high Defense and AP Recovery, decent health but don't worry about the attack.

BAlanced...uh... level up EVERYTHING!

Based of the story that won the 'Flare Arrow "Oh My God My Tears Are Crying" Award'. Thank you for this masterpiece of a game.

sonicmon1 responds:

Thank you for your kind words. This project is far from over!