Reviews for "My Little Dashie - Alpha"

i like this game but... there is 2 bugs. the first one is that i cant take damage by twilight.
and i when i kill one the dont die instead the life bar goes all the way up and when its full
it goes up again.

sorry for bad english

sonicmon1 responds:

I have fixed the game in a recent patch. Feel free to now try the stable version.

Sincere Apologies for the inconvenience

I honestly loved the concept. The game left much to be desired, but I assume that it is largely unfinished. I still found myself grinding so I can beat the final boss, but felt like there was no goal other than completion sake. I don't know what you are deciding on in the future, but here are just a few suggestions.

-More battles. If you have Twilight and Fluttershy, you should include the other 3 as well. I haven't read the fic the game is based off of, but if you could make this possible, it would add a lot of playtime.
-Possibly more to do with Dashie. It seemed like a Tamagotchi like game at first, with her roaming about. Maybe add some interactions on there.
-More story scenes. I'm sure you got a few more planned, but if you could flush out the player's connection with Dashie a bit more, it would make whatever finale you have planned that more emotional. I can tell that you are going for that personal connection, so this would be a huge plus.
-Certain parts of the scenery is very low quality. If you drew the segment after the story scene with Twilight, then you have quite a knack for art. I'd prefer to see more of your art than a large and grainy picture backdrop.
-Music seems a bit out of place. You should look around for some better choices for your battle themes. The heavy remix of the Sonic 2 boss that you use is very unfitting for a fight against Luna. See if you can use the Nightmare Night instrumental song composed by Wooden Toaster. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you asked for permission, and it would fit the scenario a lot better. Same goes for the rest of the battle themes.

I hope you put a bit more effort into this by the time it's finished. Don't take this harshly, because I honestly enjoyed what you had. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt that you will evolve this into a wonderful game. I also just wanted to offer you those suggestions for the sake of feedback. You can choose to use it if you want. As I said, I really want this to be recognized for what it has, because it has a ton of potential. I wish you luck in finishing this up, and I'll be keeping an eye on it. In the meantime, I'll just let my heart melt while Dashie says she loves me.

This is a guide rather than a review, please excuse this.

How I beat the final boss.

1. play as attacker.
2. Make sure you spend only 2 points in both defense and HP capacity for a a total of 4 points spent (this is so you arn't 1-shotted by the final boss)
3. Level up to level 6-8 making sure you spend all the points you acquire into attack. (expect for the 4 points I said you should invest into HP capacity and defense.
4. acquire around 10 AP potions and 10 Max HP potions.

During the fight with luna, with the character build I suggested, you should first use your AP potions to facilitate constant attacking, always attack her with your strongest attack and whenever she does one of her counterattacks, just use the max HP potions to restore your life, so long as you have enough max HP potions you can endure and defeat her.

Not bad.
In fact. . . I like it!

how i learn the last power, i got lv 14 and nothing...
this story repeat all time, is aways the 1st ?

sonicmon1 responds:

It's been fixed in a recent patch. You should be able to unlock it whenever you finish a fight.

The story is just a placeholder, showing you what it will look like.

This game is really exhausting. I needed to put really hard work to beat the final boss. Shame that two medals weren't unlocked. It's because there are no new moves in this game. Or maybe there are in late game but it would be literally boring to play with boss all the time to make new levels and even thought you might not achieve new moves so it's big minus. But hey what you expect from alfa version right ? It's for testing so i'm really up to new version if it will be realsed. Keep up the great work ^.^ Ohh and i almost forgot Ponies sucks : P

sonicmon1 responds:

I just want to say though, thank you for still tolerating this game even though you disagree with my interest. You sir, are truly a good rolemodel for people on the internet.

"HEY STOP LIKING WHAT I DON'T LIKE" has become the norm.

Anyway, I have updated this game to now make it a little more challenging. You now have to unlock moves 2 and 3. Tackle is the only move you start off with.