Reviews for "My Little Dashie - Alpha"

So far, good. I'm excited for the full version. PLEASE, add more story. I love the storyline so far. Also, maybe some way to find/catch ponies?

sonicmon1 responds:

The storyline will not be the same as this one. I'm trying to go for a more action-based story, so that people who have not read the original fanfic, can still do so with a fresh batch of eyes.

Have a bigger selection of ponies to fight.

sonicmon1 responds:

Thank you for your suggestion, uh... shadow!

However, adding ponies as selectable would increase to the file size which couldn't be hosted on NewGrounds. I'm sorry.

i wanna change that you can select you favorite pony like Fluttershy

sonicmon1 responds:

I would LOVE to do that, believe me, I would. But NewGrounds is very stingy about file size. If I added too many characters, BOOM! Sacrifices must be made to allow you guys to play here. I really love hosting my games on NewGrounds for the awesome API system. I'm really sorry about that.

well i must say im very impressed by this considering its an alpha. the random pokemon songs and disney songs were a good plus. however there were some draw backs. i played through as attacker and by the time i got to luna i died to one hit to everything so i had to spend a massive amount of time to level up slowly using fluttershy to get defense points. to win i ultimently just used a mass amount of full restores, one for each turn, and had to use AP boosts cause i dont think i got any ap points back while fighting luna. that was probably the worst part.

another thing, im not sure if anyone else notices this, but everytime i deal the final blow that should defeat the opposing pony, they still attack before it says i win. now im not sure what would happen if that final attack were to defeat me as it never happened, but just in case its something to look into.

i noticed it said rpg and the first thing i think of when it comes to rpg is quests. now im not sure how this game is going to work out story wise considering there is only one entry into the story option thus far. another thing i was rather hoping for was either the ability to make your own pony and the earthpony, unicorn, and pegasus would determine what attacks and defensive properties you get and then stack onto that the attacker, defender, balanced option. of course to prevent repetition, you might have to add a skill tree so that each player can do it their own way and not so set in stone.
the other option would be to let us chose from the mane 6 which pony we would like to adventure with. i dont deny to rainbow dash being the best, but there are other people out there. with the first option you could create a single story line for us to follow (generally a single story line) and have us encounter the mane 6 and their people to either battle them or help them, like a double battle, or possibly both. to go deeper you could make it so we can pick one of the mane 6 to be our companion to be ai or controlled by us as well. if we were to pick one of the mane 6 as our pony you would have to tweak each story line to fit that one pony (so if we pick twilight sparkles we wouldnt run into her in the beginning of the story.

im aware that these options would require a shit load of work, but i feel as though it would definitly make the game more enjoyable. for me at least.

one last thing, the drawing animation and seeing random pictures of people work, but i feel as though the game would be more complete if it were all set in the same manner. make everything else match the style of the pony's sprites, which by the way are awesome.

overall, i understand its an alpha and you are looking for ideas/help so for the few issues i encountered i give it a 3.5/5. i look forward to seeing the final project.

sonicmon1 responds:

The glitch you are referring to has been dubbed the "Zombie Glitch" Where the enemy comes back from the dead to kill you. It has been fixed for the beta, rest easy on that.

The reason I say RPG is because it features the elements of role playing. You play the role of a random guy who finds a rainbow-tailed pony at the front of his house. You battle, work your way through a story, and grow with Dashie. That's why I picked an RPG setting.

Remember, this is in alpha. I am trying to fit features into beta, but due to moving homes, work, college, and other things, it is really hard to allocate time to the project. I should consider dropping work down, but then I'd have no funding to continue this.

Choosing the Mane 6 character would, inevitably, increase the file size and the time until release. Two things I wish to avoid. If I did add the option to select, the file size would probably become too large to host on NG.

I fail at animating, I'm not going to lie. I rarely delve into animation, but seeing as how this is a lone project, I have to do so. Thank you for understanding.

Thank you for your nice words and critiques!

actully my sister likes my little pony but i dont get the sonic songs why not use my little pony music???

sonicmon1 responds:

Because, sometimes, My Little Pony music just can't match the upbeat nature of the Sonic Songs. If you have listened to any of their songs, you'll understand what I mean. You can't really use Winter Wrap Up as a battle theme. That's why Pokemon is used instead.