Reviews for "My Little Dashie - Alpha"

WOW GOOD I GIV IT A 10/10!!!!

sonicmon1 responds:


Keen for the next Godzilla movie?

This is a fun little rpg game. The graphics were nice and the controls were simple. The medals worked for me, except for " Come at me, pony. " i am not sure if it is broken, or NG wonky medal system.

Before I played this game, I had no idea what MLP was all about. After playing this game, I now understand that it is not my cup of tea. I look forward to the sequel.

sonicmon1 responds:

Hey Doctor Strongbad!
Yeah, the medals have been a bit up and down lately. I am currently working on a new version of this game so I won't get round to fixing this, sorry.

As for MLP, I urge you not to make a judgement off my game. That's unwise. Instead, test the waters yourself. Watch an episode. If you don't like it, that's fine. I'll have a lot of respect for you trying it rather than just trashing it without any basis for doing so.

If you loved old Cartoon classics, such as Dexter's Laboratory, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Powerpuff Girls, or any show like that, My Little Pony will, likely, appeal to you as well.

Take care, and thanks for your comment!


Good game, very good. Needs a little upgrade, update, maybe?

sonicmon1 responds:

Seeing as only the full game versions will be released on NewGrounds, just keep an eye-out.

Otherwise, if you want up-to-the-minute, updates on this project, please check out my Deviantart Page -> http://sonicmon.deviantart.com/

Great story, nice game, but too short and a little bt easy, ok too easy, but please tell me when theres an update, i really like it!! its a great story and the idea is very good.

sonicmon1 responds:

http://sonicmon.deviantart.com/ <= That is where I will be hosting any future updates. The next version will be released on NewGrounds, but any small updates will be shown here.

So far, I have released the new battle engine on my DeviantART page.

The game was too easy.

To win any fight all you needed to do was keep clicking ly over and over until you stacked AP and then just spam tackle. The other pony wouldn't even attack.
How do you unlock any of the other moves? There are no real instructions on how to do things.
Princess Luna doesn't attack, ever. The fight wasn't a fight it was me spamming tackle.
Nice use of the sprites though.

Fix these things and we could have a pretty fun game for the Bronies to play.


sonicmon1 responds:

It's hard to balance a game with so many variables in play. I am doing my best, but this is my first time making any sort of project like this. Please forgive me for not having any of the balancing nailed down yet, it does take some getting used to.