Reviews for "My Little Dashie - Alpha"

That was sooo awesome!!l
I finely made this games, and got all Madels
the story are not so good as I tough befor
but still a nice idea and well madet games!

I love it ^-^ (fav)

sonicmon1 responds:

Yeah, the story's trying to avoid the whole cutesy thing. I'm trying action, but let's see how that turns out :)

Most of the problems and ideas that I had regarding this game have been mentioned (I only briefly skimmed the reviews.) However, one thing missing was that the "Balanced" class totally sucked. I don't know if I was supposed to, but I never got a 3rd move. Also, the main benefit of that class is bonus AP, but when it comes to the boss fight, that is not any kind of an advantage. This is because Luna counter attacks the higher AP moves. So it's kinda like shooting yourself in the foot if you use them. Especially since the Fly move always gets countered by Luna's flying move, which is quite deadly, and there's no way you'll have enough defense to survive unless you sacrifice your offense or AP, which pretty much defeats the purpose of the class.

Another thing, this must have been mentioned somewhere, but, the easiest way to beat Luna is to use tackle, which she doesn't counter, and buy AP potions. If you can beat her while only using 3 major AP potions, the economics work out and you make enough money to buy more. (The Offensive class can do this easily.) Also, assuming that Luna's counter attack uses AP, even if she countered the first blow, if you can merely survive the first blow, you could use AP potions to keep attacking. A simple solution would be to have a 1/4 AP regen after each attack. Unfortunately, at the moment I have no way to test if the game mechanics work this way.

I'd like to end with the following thought, to me, this game is more than just about fighting and building a character. If that's all it was about, I would have to have given it 1 and 1/2 stars, maybe 2, but it's also about the story and art. And those I thoroughly enjoyed. Although they may have only been intended as place holders, I liked the use of multiple art styles for the cut scenes. It gives it a certain charm, and to anyone complaining that it has too many words, wtf? This is based on a fanfiction, which means a written story, with words... yeah. >_> This should have a lot of words to read. The more the merrier, and if you really don't want to read it, other than the opening, this game has the option to skip straight to the battles. Or, you could just click quickly through them. So anyway, I look forward to the next version, which I don't see how it could come out perfectly (although possible), but I'm sure it will be great and improved upon afterwards.

why cant i do 77 stars :D this is one of the best newgronds games ive played. keep up the good work!!!

sonicmon1 responds:

Because it would be unfair to everyone else. :) But thank you for your kind words!

Not a bad start for the game, but I should point out that making required experience double per level isn't necessarily a good idea. I reached level 8, and was dismayed to find that, not only was I not powerful enough to fight Luna, but I also would've had to grind a LOT to gain enough power. Level 9 = 12800 XP? Level 10 = 25600 XP? Not a good idea.

Other than that, great start. The story's a bit nice... for what little of it is there.

A little to much reading but a good game none the less. The first battle all I did was stand there and wail on Twilight, Spamming my tackle.

sonicmon1 responds:

Yeah...but then, the same was with Pokemon too. I am trying to get it a bit more, interactive, if you will.