Reviews for "My Little Dashie - Alpha"

fantastic game! please work on it more..... it needs to be a full game!!!!

sonicmon1 responds:

I'm doing my best :)

im a girl im not a brony im a ponygirl

sonicmon1 responds:

A brony is a non-gender based name. It's based on 4Chan, where a board (I believe /br/ but I am not sure) started this new trend.

Else, if you really feel uncomfortable, pegasister is out there as well.

Oh Maw Gawd! So many Bunnies 5 Stars

sonicmon1 responds:

Angel is badass!

5 Stars just doesnt do this justice (T3T) (Attempted "SO AWESOME" Face)

I actually went "Attacker" and built up a good stock of Full Restore HP and Bulk AP boosts before coming for Luna (And had to use a full HP whenever she hit me) and I spammed "Dashing Strike" (Boosting AP when I didnt have enough since Luna kills your AP)

The credits... to be blunt made me want my very own Dashie (T3T)

I would recommend new parts of the story and unlocking enemies with the story (As in fight them in story to unlock them in battle)

I'd also recommend a "Sonic Rainboom" Attack that may do different things depending on class (Maybe for attacker it does EXTRA Damage, for Defender it drains their AP and for balanced... I'm not sure) since afterall Dashie did do a Sonic Rainboom as a wittle filly

if you want a new final boss... maybe Discord? (A storyline where you and young Dashie are the only ones who can save both the human world and Equestria from eternal chaos or something and you get backup from everyone you meet in Story, IE use the POwer of Friendship)

Anyway keep up the awesome work =D

P.S Rainbow Dash is my fave pony =D

sonicmon1 responds:

/)^3^(\ <- Try that out!

This is just a tech demo. None of what you see here reflects the quality of the final game. It just shows what this engine can do.

I'm trying to get stuff done, but studies are getting in the way. I'm doing the best I can though.

I think its really good!

sonicmon1 responds:

Thanks man!