Reviews for "My Little Dashie - Alpha"

ok so since i'm an impatient adolescent i thought the game froze or something so i refresh the page as i look down to see if it was actually frozen i saw i just forgot to press the next button i feel like such a chode

sonicmon1 responds:

Never fear, the beta will prevent that fear from ever arising again :)

This is so fun, cool, and sad! I was laughing when Luna's music was Sonic 2's final boss theme. I got sad after I kept clicking chat and eventually she said "Where is my REAL daddy"? I was like jeez I don't know you're cartoon pony! I see many improvement ideas in reviews but the only improvement I can think of is letting you reply to Rainbow Dash's "chat" quotes. Otherwise this is pokemon with pony magic! A big change on the fan-fic!

sonicmon1 responds:

Too bad the fan-fic is being abandoned about quarrels with the author.

ive only played this game for about a minute but it seems like its going to be very sad, just by how rainbow dash talks to you

sonicmon1 responds:

Well, I never finished this, so don't worry about a case of the sads coming.

I liked it! although it could use a little more back story, and the fact that you used random pictures of people irl, made this game kinda look like spam.... but other wise the whole concept is great.

Definitely has potential to be a very fun game. Some suggestions I have that I'm sure others may have made at some point for the whole game;

1.) A way to tell how much EXP. you're getting so you know how close you are to Leveling up.

2.) Perhaps besides battling, a way to play as well. Perhaps mini-games or some kind of activity. Less EXP, but perhaps more money to earn or something.

3.) An expanded move set. Of course, the strongest move could be the Sonic Rainboom, but others like the Buccaneer Blaze, and then stat-inducing stuff.

4.) It'd also be fun if you could get more than 1 of the Ponies =) Princess Celestia and/or Princess Luna as "Legendary Ponies"! lol

sonicmon1 responds:

1) Okay, I'll add that into the beta
2) I was thinking of doing platforming levels, but the overall design is far too difficult to implement into Flash. I am considering a strategy approach, however.
3) The moves list is being expanded on and you can try it out in my beta version on my Newgrounds page.
4) This is not a full game, so in the later game, 'legendary ponies' will be there to fight.