Reviews for "My Little Dashie - Alpha"

Why can't this be real?!??!? I love my Dashie x .x

i liked this game i beated princess luna in level 7 :3 :D i rate this game 5 stars

So adorable X3 great job on this! im making my own vesion of my little dashie called my little lisa :\

\pants appear
<looks at producer>
Oh, right.

"Twilight's been telling me about"
But I bet you've been told that about 94 times already.

For an alpha this is quite much already ^^
Also nostalgia through music ho! The explosions are a bit much though. Make them "thwack" and stuff.

pretty cool game but i got a question on how to unlock the attacker's moves because all i can use so far is fly and tackle. Also i noticed an exploit with the fly ability that allows you to build an infinite amount of AP. though i did find it sweet beating luna at lvl 5 LOL