Reviews for "My Little Dashie - Alpha"

twilight,very easy
princess luna,ultra hard

while i do like the game i think it needs more choices (alot more) and the drawing could use a bit more improvement (just enough to not look like it wasn't made by my dad) it would also be AWESOME if the "chat feature" allows you to actually "chat" with dashie and sorta change your relationship with her a bit to react differently in cutscens or the way she talks to you oh and 1 last thing try not to screw up the feel of "my little dashie" putting some R.P.G elements would be great though other than that good game looking forward to completion :)

Even though it really has nothing to do with the MLD story, its still a pretty fun game to play c:

This game is 20% cooler!

I would like it better if you could choose your pony alot like pokemon but so far good game you should keep creating