Reviews for "No Joy Here"

epic song, love this type of songs, has such a great melody to it, im all jelly :0
that piano melody, beautiful.
- Pandasticality

This is really so good. I have a feeling about it and i love it :'3

With a bit of practice, you can make some pretty sweet orchestral. The reason why I say this is the ending starting at 02:04. You can put so much emotion into a simple piano piece. I was kinda listening to this off to the side in a different tab, and when that section hit, I had to pay attention. You nailed it.

The other thing I really like about this as I'm really listening to it a second time. It sounds like it's in a major key, and it sounds sad. THAT'S AWESOME! It's either that or you're in a minor key but the chord progression stays in major keys most of the time. It's geeking me out.

I feel like there's a little too much going on in the mid-frequencies (like there's a couple of instruments with too much reverb), but you're composition brings in a lot of emotion.

I think you should do more orchestral. I don't care what Gommi says, this has some good composition. Even if the orchestral bank you have isn't the most professional (which btw sounds better than my library) you can make some sweet stuff in this genre. I'd imagine that if you play around with orchestral off and on a bit more, you'll start getting pretty good at it. You don't have to if you don't want to, but this is good stuff for your first orchestral.

I guess take this with a grain of salt since I'm not a judge and I wasn't paying attention to the mixing of it much, but there's is some brilliance going on behind the music notes. I like it.

This is NUTS. You said you don’t do orchestral, but this is some quality stuff for not really having it be your main genre!
I enjoyed very much when you added the percussion! It was beautiful instrumentation, you mixed everything fantastically, and your strings sound very pretty here. I would say after a while they do get a bit MIDI-sounding, like an older synthesizer, but still, great harmonies and composition work here.
2:04 stands out to me as something that should be expounded upon. My goodness, that was such an amazing piano doodle it caught me off-guard, and you didn’t disappoint with the chords following. Reminded me a lot of an anime soundtrack, and the way you chose to end the song is without a doubt perfect to me – lingering, a bit sad, but soft and with a sense of closure!
My only gripe here is that your instruments felt too quantized to be natural instruments, which in the case of cinema, it’s desirable to have that “real full orchestra” feel. Lets the listener know that it is indeed a human being with emotion playing the music. Hard to do, of course, when you have only VSTs to work with (cough… ME TOO… cough), so I think you really nailed it with what you had.
The composition is slightly flowery, but I can hear all the trills and details you put into the end of your bars, which sometimes gives it a very storybook feel. I can tell you were dedicated to making this sound appropriate for the orchestral genre and I think you did excellently.
Again, not bad for never writing orchestral, friend! :D

NGADM Round 4 Score: 8.9

Your composing isn't bad at all . Seems like there might few harmonies issues because instruments don't sound alike . Just be mindful and expand your instrument bank .

I don't do orchestral music but there is nothing wrong with this aside from mixing .

PirateCrab responds:

Yeah my bank is fairly limited! Like I said below, I only had 2 days to do this. Having never made orchestral before, I'm not surprised it's so badly mixed haha. Nevertheless, thanks for the criticism. Taken on board! :)