Reviews for "No Joy Here"

epic song, love this type of songs, has such a great melody to it, im all jelly :0
that piano melody, beautiful.
- Pandasticality

This is an NGADM Round 4 Review.


We can both say that we saw this coming. Your two competitors made phenomenal tracks, but due to some super unfortunate issues on your side, you had to settle with a track that doesn't quite reach the quality we've come to expect from you. On that front, I can say that I was disappointed in how everything panned out, but I honestly don't consider this a bad track at all. Quite the opposite, in fact. I am genuinely impressed by what you made despite all the odds being against you.

I agree with Spadezer that there is definitely something magical behind the composition here. Your melodies are pretty damn nice! A little simple and typical, sure, but entirely musically sensible and flowing. Some bits are particularly captivating, such as 0:50's rather beautiful piano section, or 1:22's brilliant introduction of drums. Hearing delicate composition like this coming from someone who usually makes the polar opposite in terms of music style comes as quite a surprise, but goes to show how versatile you truly are.

I disagree with DjGubkafish that there are harmony issues, since everything is actually totally harmonious to my somewhat musical ear, at least in terms of chords and melodies. There are sections like 1:07 where a fair bit of voices are playing different things together, showing a commendable effort put into making all the instruments agree harmonically with each other. On a rhythmic note, I'm in love with your subtle time signature extensions and changes!

In the composition department, I think the primary area where this piece perhaps falls short is in the track's structure. Putting aside the fact that the song length is slightly disappointing, some of the structural and transitional choices simply didn't make much sense to me, or at the very least could have been executed somewhat better.

My main issue with the structure is that the piano section from 2:04 onwards is very unfitting. It's too short for it to feel like it actually fits there as its own section, but too long to be considered a small piano embellishment for the ending. On top of that, the transition towards it was awkward at best, as the piano just prematurely came in out of nowhere after the section before it ended.

There were other transitions which I feel could've been worked on a little more. For instance, at 1:07 I would've liked some kind of preparation to introduce the new string instruments that play alongside the piano. Conversely, I'll concede that there are some other transitions that I personally wouldn't have any other way, like 0:50's and 1:22's.

Mixing is always something you've excelled at, through and through, but unfortunately, as you would agree, that isn't the case over here. There's a lot of muddiness, especially when you start throwing in those warm string chords, or lead string instruments which are abnormally loud compared to the other instruments.

Additionally, as Spadezer said, there is definitely a lot going on in the mid frequencies, and I'm sure that with a little more time on your hands, you would've easily been able to clean that up. Or maybe not, since this genre is new to you? I have tons of experience mixing orchestral so if you need any tips or orchestral mixing, let me know! I actually don't think your samples are bad at all, though. What did you use?

Anyway, I hate to have to be brutally honest on your first endeavour in a totally new genre, but it'd be more unfair on you to sugar-coat everything, especially since this is an NGADM contest review. However, I need to stress that this is not bad *at all*. There are tons of redeemable qualities, especially your emotional and well-written composition. And hey, if you get into orchestral more, maybe one day we'll hear some symphonic orchestral/metal hybrid masterpiece from you some day! Regardless of what happened, it's been a pleasure having you on the contest, and congrats on third place.

SCORE: 8.1/10

With a bit of practice, you can make some pretty sweet orchestral. The reason why I say this is the ending starting at 02:04. You can put so much emotion into a simple piano piece. I was kinda listening to this off to the side in a different tab, and when that section hit, I had to pay attention. You nailed it.

The other thing I really like about this as I'm really listening to it a second time. It sounds like it's in a major key, and it sounds sad. THAT'S AWESOME! It's either that or you're in a minor key but the chord progression stays in major keys most of the time. It's geeking me out.

I feel like there's a little too much going on in the mid-frequencies (like there's a couple of instruments with too much reverb), but you're composition brings in a lot of emotion.

I think you should do more orchestral. I don't care what Gommi says, this has some good composition. Even if the orchestral bank you have isn't the most professional (which btw sounds better than my library) you can make some sweet stuff in this genre. I'd imagine that if you play around with orchestral off and on a bit more, you'll start getting pretty good at it. You don't have to if you don't want to, but this is good stuff for your first orchestral.

I guess take this with a grain of salt since I'm not a judge and I wasn't paying attention to the mixing of it much, but there's is some brilliance going on behind the music notes. I like it.

Your composing isn't bad at all . Seems like there might few harmonies issues because instruments don't sound alike . Just be mindful and expand your instrument bank .

I don't do orchestral music but there is nothing wrong with this aside from mixing .

PirateCrab responds:

Yeah my bank is fairly limited! Like I said below, I only had 2 days to do this. Having never made orchestral before, I'm not surprised it's so badly mixed haha. Nevertheless, thanks for the criticism. Taken on board! :)

Hey, I just recently became aware of you, and I must say you're pretty badass, BUT(and I've only been checking you out for the past couple of monthts, so not very familiar with you)... Please don't do orchestral.
I gave you 3 stars because you clearly made a valiant effort, but it's not very good.

PirateCrab responds:

Haha no offence taken. I don't plan on verging from metal :)