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Reviews for "Distracted by Love"

Seems like a funny idea , but how the fuck I jump?

your game was ok for ur first but like he said your jumping raelly was bad but i loved the end sorta

Congratz! Nice game since it's ur first. But of course there isn't anything new or interesting, but really good for your first game. But it can only get a 2 from me since the jumping was really messed up. You jumped too slow. I had to learn exactly when to jump, by replaying it many times. But if you keep making games, then i think you'll be very good someday :D

Really, honestly - not bad for your first game. I'm not sure what program you used to make it, but the jumping system really doesn't work too well. Keep at it!

the game is broken... sometimes you can jump and sometimes when you fall you teleport on the platform you missed... try at least to fix that