Reviews for "Short and Sweet"

moral of the story? women will use you to get what they desire

it was a good story of shallow tendency and female promiscuity, though the melodrama seemed to make her all the more terrible and it dragged a little.

oh well, for what it was, i liked it. it wa a bittersweet ending, and really didn't go anywhere. it wa okay though.

This is a very interesting, metaphoric story. I interprate it like this: There is a girl, whos met an boy about her average (I dont know if social, financial or intellectual) she trys to be together with him, but he let her know roughly, that she is not enough for him. Very sad she now is walking without any direction through live, but then she found someone who isnt above or beneath her status, so she maked a plan.... With his additional abilitys she can be together with the guy above her.

(But maybe it is just a random story with no specific meaning XD)

Sorry, but english isnt my native language.

you SLUT!!!!

Well.. Well that was just brilliant.