Reviews for "Short and Sweet"

this animation speeks the absolute truth! women will use men for anything they need!

A bit short but it was still kind of amusing.

Now here we have a good little toon, nothing on a negitive side but something interesting to keep my interest throughout the flash from start to finish, i found it inlighting, entertaining and even a bit amusing. So as just mentioned this was rather short, buti still found some entertainment value, Now it could be longer because the content you did have, had alot of amusing points, im not sure i saw any real negitive points needing improvment, most of this was pretty good so nice effort there, i do look forward to more of your works though, as this was notbad and kept me interested and didnt bore me, it was highly amusing, anyways keep up the decent flashworks.

Im always looking to help on a few improvment ideas here and there, Not all flash needs new ideas but some still need some improvments so hope you will take some of my ideas and use them to the best of your skills, More content would be a start, And make it longer keep it going with the stuff you started this with, you have some good points good with that.

wait... when the big red guy throws the cig at the pink one a sec after he has a new one

Laughed so hard!!! So true, though...

So... how is that Tarboy II going??

The blue guy's sad face at the very end.....AWWWWWWW!!!!