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Reviews for "St. Valentine's Day"

A good Ninja Gaiden themed flash. Providing choices was a great idea.

It just remember of my childhood.
"Ukende III".I can still remember how much I played this game.

One of the best early Newgrounds uploads. Looks great and sounds great. I love the retro feel to it. Makes me very nostalgic, as I loved Ninja Gaiden when I was younger. The plot is good too, with good humour and I love the interactivity with the various decisions I can make. A true classic!

Very well composed, xD hilarious....

Sound~10/10 Nice choice of songs
animation~10/10 Flows smoothly ^-^ no seems showing
overall~9.5/10.........---->4.5 Stars

i like how the nes sprites and flash vector graphics blend in quite well
i like a video game parody which doesn't have anything to do with the game itself

i enjoy being able to influence the endings by choosing an alternative path