Reviews for "Fenada 001"

Entertaining and amusing

Ok so i found this flash to be pretty interesting and slightly entertaining, its one of those flash pieces thats grabs your attention and keeps you there, i like the style and direction you took with this, anyways great start to a decent flash. So there was not much of a story but with how you presented it i guess there was no need, but it was pretty entertaining, it was kind of on the short side, so maybe make it longer with abit more content next time, but overall this was a pretty good tune, not too much to add, except adding more to it but not by much, but great flash i really enjoyed it, heep up the hard work, as i know these flash types and styles can take time.

So things to improve on its always hard to improve on every little thing but. there could be some small improvments here and there, so i took a little time to maybe help and improve on this, below are one or two suggestions that i hope can make things better for all. So for this flash works i thought there could be more "CONTENT" maybe make it longer since it was kind of short, other then that it was a pretty solid tune.

"Wow you got a pretty poorly designed dress there lady. HEY, did you know not only am I a black smith I'm also a tailor?"
"GET OUT!!!!"

heh heh nice flash.

nalem responds:

Thanks! Haha, this review made me laugh out loud :D

That was some funny stuff dude. LOL

I always loved your vids.

wtf gulty