Reviews for "Fenada 001"

Sound seemed a bit...awkward. Maybe a tad off, maybe didn't fit the setting. Something was odd about it. Otherwise, it was OK for an introduction.

hehe. looks like he needs to make like a tree and get the fuk out of there.

That was fuckin wierd...
Its all tender and everything. Then wait, no its molestation? Simply trying to kiss someone is molestation now? Then what the fuck is happening? Why is his shirt caught in her zipper, how would that happen if he's trying to get away? This is some of the dumbest, most cliche anime shit I've ever heard. "See, its funny cause he's trying to touch her boob, boobs are funny Duhuhuhuhuh!" No its not, its not, and really its just jarring, and not in a good way. I also sense some misandry here. "Ah yes when men touch women its wrong, even when its out of a loving kindness, its still molestation." And if theres a character trait here that says she's squeamish when it comes to sex or something, you didn't convey it.. AT ALL! This is 45 seconds of my time wasted! Hell, the old clock crew animations at least made me laugh! YOU LOSE! YOU GET NOTHING GOOD DAY MISS! Ok fine, I admit its well animated... thats about it...

Can't give you max due to length, but the character was hilarious and the animation was fluid.

Some of the sound effects didn't seem to fit, but that still added to the ridiculousness of the scene.

Looking forward to more.

Pretty funny, hillariously drawn and slightly outdoing yourself for just a character sketch. you may be on to something here. BTW X3no, You mad Bro?????????