Reviews for "The humans are dead. +"

That was awesome. I really enjoyed it. Liking Flight of the Conchords to begin with this really made my day. I like that even though they are Robots you managed to capture their emotions, as I really enjoyed the main bronze robot. Funny, cool, smooth, and pleasing to the eye, this is a gem. Wonderful work.

Steinberg responds:

Haha, yeah it was kinda hard to animate the bronze robot because the only thing he had to convey emotion was his eyebrows.
I'm glad you think it's pleasing for the eye because I personally think I can't draw.

i liked your first one, but this is even better. good job bro

the flight of the condors rely are a great band but this song for some reason this is the most famous and most used song by them

And we're poisoned their asses!

Great work!

Loved the binary solo and dance break XD

Steinberg responds:

My favorite parts too!