Reviews for "The humans are dead. +"

Had a great time wachting this.
Loved the Binary Solo ! 000000100000010000001

Steinberg responds:

glad you had a nice time!

Wow, i remember this from a LONG time ago?
took you a while to reupload the extended version?

Well Kudos

Steinberg responds:

Well the short version was done in August, the longer one is done since November but I just decided to upload it to newgrounds now.

nice, but unfortunately i can't stop humming the song. it's stuck in my head.

Steinberg responds:

It's pretty catchy!

this was brilliant i loved to guy trying to pass as a robot in the end

Steinberg responds:

thanks, I love him too!

Simply fantastic. I was expecting a song with poorly articulated lyrics and cheap animation. None of that here! Only funny, catchy song. This is my fourth time watching this!
Five stars!

Steinberg responds:

Well, the song wasn't done by me, but I'm glad you liked the animation.