Reviews for "Sonic Oddshow"

Bahahaha not bad. xD The sprite animation is excellent, there weren't ever any times where I was distracted by it; it was smooth and skillful and did what it needed.

As far as the skits go, I thought the 'onion rings' shorts were funny, as well as the 'confronting Knuckles' series... The finale was pretty good, but I think my favorite was the race with Metal Sonic. It started off pretty badass, as that race always is, but the twist ending of that skit was pretty funny. Considering the fact that most of these didn't really have punchlines, it was funny enough, I'd say. I didn't laugh, but I smiled a lot. Nice work overall I'd say!

Shadic15 responds:

Thanks, I appreciate it =)

awww beetle borg, he'd be a great friend if he could help out. lol the loop, very very true. lol there shud be a racing match b/w shadow and xxx person. lol i love how he runs from girl and she just smacks the bot back. and its awesome that shadow runs over everything. and lol at the end

WOw very amazing, Specaily sonic onion rings xD !!!

Awesome. I didn't laugh throughout, only a few chuckles. Not that this is a bad toon, just I've seen it all before.

The comedy is perfect, it reminded me of classic slapsticks like the Three Stooges and Tom and Jerry.

Too bad people don't appreciate a good slapstick comedy these days and prefer the crude and idiot antics you see in the POPular-Culture Media.

I actually really understand the effort you put into this but Jesus Christ that was unfunny. I feel more like I suffered through it than actually watched anything. It was just over used joke after tired observation over random Mario reference just one after the other. I felt like I was here for 30 minutes. I don't know. Wasn't my thing. At all.

Shadic15 responds:

It's just natural that some people wouldn't like this. Thank's for explaining why.