Reviews for "Sonic Oddshow"

Shadic15, I've got to tell you that this video is comedical and outright hilarious! I mean, I always wanted to watch comedy videos of "Sonic the Hedgehog." Additionally, you did a great job with adding Mario to make your project even more hilarious. That is generally a beautiful project that you ever made, Shadic15. Seriously, I was LOL on most scenes of this movie. Great job and good luck! =)

Shadic15 responds:

Thank you very much. I really appreciate that kind of review ^_^

You take the entire original game's normal physics, and replace them with funny ones. Sonic and Onion rings takes, however, I might be able to guess that you got the idea from a hack called Sonic 2 XL. Everything ended in death, which can make things funny, and the humorous placement of Mario throughout all the skits, in most, he gets hit by something. Overall, I liked this very, very much. Very good job.

Well I tend to love anything with Sonic, but this was pretty good. The sprite animation was excellent, especially the race with Metal Sonic. I appreciated the use of the original music, and the sound effects were good too. I especially loved that cut-off "NO" during the "Grand Finale"--I think that was the one point where I laughed out loud. That's not to say the rest of it wasn't funny--it was just sort of offbeat, not necessarily laugh-out-loud type humor. I particularly liked Sonic riding the beetle and Shadow on his bike. PS I'm trying to give you 3 and a half stars here, but for some reason they're not lighting up. So if I end up clicking Submit and it doesn't give you any stars, I'm going to be very ticked.

Most clever use of original graphics I've seen, if the original games had been that funny, they'd stll be making them.

i enjoyed fat sonic. i also liked that you had the actual audio from the stages where the scene was taking place. the humor was not that great, but as a general flash, it was very well made :D
just work on making the jokes better