Reviews for "Sonic Oddshow"

I enjoyed it a lot, however that onion rings joke is kinda stolen? I mean, there's a whole game dedicated to that with the same sprites and the same idea, why would you just take it and animate it in the exact same way?

Anyway, not gonna lower score because of that, I still enjoyed it a lot.

Shadic15 responds:

I know that hack, and I think that the creators are credited in this show.

You can call it stolen, but I never said it was my idea, nor that I created this.
You know, I'm not an animator who creates his own stuff. I'm a SPRITE animator.
I use sprites that other people extracted from an official game. So technically nothing
in this video is "not-stolen". Besides, watching the Sonic and Onion Rings takes may
encourage people to play the actual game (the hack in this case) and raise its popularity.

But thanks for not lowering the score, very kind.

Totaly Awesome. I loved it!

awesome!!! two things that I love about it,the fatty sonic and the true love of a sonic fan,what i mean is EVERY TIME MARIO SHOW UP HE GET HIT ,TRUE SONIC FANS HATE MARIO . also the super sonic 2 theme and the end was a nice choice. want to see even more of this.

Shadic15 responds:

True sonic fans hate mario for being sonic's rival, but can still enjoy some mario games (at least super mario 64)

you should finnish off mario bros Z :)

Shadic15 responds:

Good idea, and become president of the united slices of chocolate land =P

thanks for the nice score

Bahahahahaha!!! fat sonic. it was well made and every was flowing really good with the animation... very creative but at times when i saw mario, it made the laugher die down to me.
overall it was great