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Reviews for "Through The Misty Lake"

Absolutely incredible. I had no idea sbc could drum like that.

cool little clocks kkk xD

We look bad ass in that boat, slime.

good movie, tho... err too short.
still, quite epic.
my favorite part? the part of you two in the boat. beeing epic swordmen. could you do me an animation/sig too?

good film, even if it is ALOT shorter than i expected. graphics are good, and sound is decent.

This flash had so many meanings... messages about our patriarchial socity and how it stifles the creativity of our race. In the end it made me weap sweet rainbows and made me realize the potental of every human being, both men and women, and how we all acheve our ture potental.
Oh yeah great work on the art.