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Reviews for "Joe's War"

Fun little td. The art's not my favorite but it's unique, and there's decent voice acting and sound effects.

I thought it was awesome. except I couldn't figure out were to place my farmers :(

A message to those geniuses whose turrets were not working: PUT UNITS INSIDE THEM!!!! You can't say that the game is flawed just beacuse you skipped reading instructions! This is not a bad game after all, the story and setting are funny and the gamplay is interesting and original, but I found extremely annoying the fact that you have to purchase the best contents, this is just a flash game, come on!!!

the rate of montsters and begining health needs to be adjusted. there needs to be more of a start-up tutorial, and a smidge more time for you to grasp how much money and how to use. please fix and resubmit

It won't even load for me.