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Reviews for "Joe's War"

Is the ability to shoot one of the upgrades I have to pay for? Cause otherwise, this is a waste of a game. My towers don't even attack.


The art sucks.I'm very disappointed to it.

The units are far too weak... the build time does not reflect the spawn rate of the....sheep. At initial glance I did believe this was a submission that required more work, however, then i proceeded to level 2 and you would not believe it. But, a very interesting window appeared (helpfully) , reminding the user to purchase upgrades to gain maximum gaming experience. Its quite unfortunate that this is now a trend, to upload half-assed games to make a tiny profit. Submissions like these should not be either A) tolerated or B) At least provide a better experience so the gamer will not get sucked in to buying crap for crap.

This is an intentional money grabber. This item may not be worth the price; so, as always, caveat emptor.

I thought it was awesome. except I couldn't figure out were to place my farmers :(