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Reviews for "Ace Pilot"

much better than most sci fi movies of last years

This game is funny and cool at the same time

Brilliant. I loved this to death. The cutscenes and animation were absolutely hilarious, and the game itself played pretty well. I liked the Action Mode as well, it's fun pitting loads and loads of enemies against one another and just sitting back and watching the chaos XD

I also liked how, instead of dying when you took too much damage, you just stopped for a while and had to repair before setting off again. Pretty clever system, it made the game challenging without making it actually difficult.

I did have some issues (namely, the ship would start turning of its own accord), but I was playing in Chrome and you did warn about that so I'm not bothered. My only other complaint is that this was quite short, but since this is labelled "Episode 1" I'm hoping there'll be more of this in the future. Faved.

The cutscenes were better than the gameplay

this game is just too funny! the dialogues fantastic and i love the old "captain proton" feel :P yeah the controls can be a tad tricky, but its just a fun, humorous, and a short piece of awesome game time! i just got to hand it to the cheap humor and references that are so nicely put together here.