Reviews for "Ace Pilot"

loved the game but i was playing it without sound which really made things hard to understand so im thinking subtitles? that would make it even better but im sure with the sound it would be even better but still im gonna give it a 5 ;)

Brilliant game and the story was too, I realy hope your planning on doing a sequel.

I just like that it's suitable for All Ages.... if they close their eyes that is.

The game play was a bit awkward to get used too, that could have been polished a bit, but everything else made up for some of the "short cummings" *drum roll please.

The only thing that disappointed me was the fact that no one yelled LEEEERRRROOOYYY JJJJANKINS!

Probably made my day. I kind of thought Ace would say in the bar "My Ex-wife can take more hits than that."