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Reviews for "Ace Pilot"

im using internet explorer and it wont load at all any suggestions?

EldritchAbomination responds:

I haven't heard of that problem before and I have used IE to play through it, so I'd just suggest trying another browser. Sorry :( -- What does the screen look like when you try to load?

very good like a movie you can play

I am so confused. What did I just play.

Would make a better movie than a game I think, Mr. Van Harken.

hahahaah i got a boner on the dougie style with the space chick.. cool game... i had a great time.. more power new grounds!!!

game is absolutely amazing, and I don't think the current score and viewcounts justify that. It may have something to do with the long load time and the preview icon that does not exactly justify the amazing cutscene and gameplay of Ace Pilot.

I hope your team is getting something out of this, be it from merchandise or ads, because this is paid quality work.