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Reviews for "Ace Pilot"

Two words: Damn Good.

Love the high production values, the story was hilarious, and the acting/animation was awesome. Perfectly fits.

My only complaint is that its too short, just as I was getting into it, BOOM credits roll. Ah well, Ill be awaiting Episode 2.

This said, im in Chrome, and I finished story mode, but I didn't unlock any of the Medals, including basic stuff like "Finish Scene 2", unless im mistaking as to what that means..

Thanks for the awesome game, really made my day :)

this is one of the best games in times!

This is so damn hilarious!!!!!! Also, the gameplay was quite fun too.

It's working, and I'm playing in Chrome. I think this is such an epic game. Props to you, my epic friend. Keep up the good work!

Animations are great but the gameplay is ok