Reviews for "Ace Pilot"

Big game here kinda

I can see that there was some decent effort that went into this, maybe some extra could be added but thats for later to discuss, i hope you have time to upgrade and such, but anyways you have a good entry here and i was really pleased with the outcome aswell. Well i must say this was one big file, I would like to give some CONGRATS on the award you have really pushed the limit to acheive the award and well worth the time and effort you put in so once again congrats on the award. this is a top quality production and there is so much to it, and adding medals was just one step that made this even more awsome, so i can forgive the size because you packed somany good points into this, and the "STORY" and animation was great it just worked so well with this whole piece, the voices were even top notch. So great game great story and great visual fun. on a last note some subtitles would be a nice option, with all the dialog going on and such. So after checking this entry out i am even more impressed then before, but again tis could also use more additions and extras, so that may be something you can and should focus on, i will give more insight on that shortly.

These types of submissions never hurt to have some sort of improvment envolved on them, and i can see it could use a lil bit of changes and clean up, so i have gone ahead and suggested a few ideas and hope you do look into them more. This was not hard to understand, but it would be a nice option to have some subtitles, gives the flash just that bit more effort, and incase anything was missed you have the text right there. and it doesnt have to be much either, even having the option to toggle on or off would even be another nice idea and option for viewers and users playing or watching, just an idea or two.

I like it, the story is entertaining but there is a bit shame on storymode gameplay... it is too short and doesn't even make use of the whole mechanic. I checked the action mode and found a whole new world of gameplay there.

Think of it if you make sequel, it could be flash based strategy game :) .


this game is just too funny! the dialogues fantastic and i love the old "captain proton" feel :P yeah the controls can be a tad tricky, but its just a fun, humorous, and a short piece of awesome game time! i just got to hand it to the cheap humor and references that are so nicely put together here.

Why the fuck is this so highly rated?

I don't get why this is loved so much by everyone. The controls are so damn confusing it's near impossible to play. I can rarely stand still and point in one direction long enough to hit anything, and when I do, I instantly get blasted out of the skies. The controls need to be more responsive, I'm constantly going in a completely different direction than what I want. The ship needs to slide around way less, Or I need a fucking instant brake button instead of slowly decreasing my speed, cause it's impossible to get a straight shot when you're always moving. The whole W & S to control speed thing needs to be removed entirely, as it's completely pointless. The respawn system makes no sense, if I just get repaired every time what's the point? And how am I supposed to know how close I am to dying anyways? Hey you know what would be nice? A FUCKING HEALTH BAR. This game is just absolutely terrible, I couldn't get past the 2nd level. If you want a GOOD space shooter, play Starmageddon. It's far better than this piece of shit.

I'm giving Half a star for funny characters, but that's it.