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Reviews for "Ace Pilot"

Really nice to see a nice old gameplay put to great use in a stupidly amusing game like this one. Great going I loved the game. very very interesting.

Nice. I haven't played a good game in a while. And seeing a collab project like this is always interesting. There are so many big names on this, like Hans, Egoraptor, Omahdon, and RicePirate. I am looking forward to any sequels if it is actually in the pipe.

Can we make Ace a Newgrounds mascot?

Because I want Ace to be a Newgrounds mascot.....

We don't have enough space mascots that rival Han Solo and John Picard on the coolness scale.

Also the game was very awesomely well done, the cutscenes, while long, were packed with excellent voice acting and a funny script. And the action mode option was a good feature to put in for some of the NGers with short attention spans and a lust for space dogfights. I especially liked the feeling of ripping a group of small fighters to shreds with a simple left thrust u-turn, as well as the all too simple yet effective strategy of luring a large group of small fighter ships into the glowing maw of a larger, exploding starship. The "battlefields" are very well executed to simulate how not EVERY damn enemy is going to go after you, rather just shooting everything that moves, although I could've done with a little more......variety in Ace's starship, nothing fancy, maybe a few extra options for his basic weapon systems, and some more area attacks like a shockwave emanating from the ship, or even an energy shield cutter that would turn Ace's ship into a freaking arrow and allow for multiple kills in a straight bee-line. Maybe i'm overthinking it though, I liked the game, the cutscenes were a great blend of entertainment to keep me somewhat relaxed after a firefight and also to keep me wanting to play the game for more chuckles along the way. The simplicity itself melds well with the style and reminds me of the good old days when starships weren't so damn complex and people had vegetable oil powered jetpacks. Great job, and I hope to get behind the wheel of Ace's starship like he gets behind space women..... except without the space herpes.

My only complaint is the controls are a little awkward other than that perfect.

If these guys don't make any headway into the programming world, they sure as hell can find ways to take their voice acting and writing talents far. This is great stuff, game play was "meh" sort of fun in a way...but the diamond is in the script. Funnier than certain cartoon shows on FOX currently aired, these people need to get together more often. Somebody said it best in one word: "Quality"...something tells me these guys are already pros that made this game as a hobby. If they aren't, here's hoping they keep this up and make it. Sure the game is so-so, but DAMN you just want to beat the levels just the see the cut scenes...it's like vowing abstinence for a year, and finally being able to reach the promised land.