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Reviews for "chestnut avenue (101)"

trying to click for the key but when i click the spot it doesent crumble...

needs a hint system or at least someway to tell that something is locked

I don't know what kind of people you are aiming at with this game, but I find it a waste. I am stuck at the start. Can't get anywhere but two rooms, both of which have a few views, but nothing really can be done. Or of course it can be, but I guess the main 'fun' in this game is clicking every millimetre of the screen, trying to find something that happens.

Bottom line is, I could not enjoy this game. I'm not an idiot, I play these game pretty rarely, but when I do- i expect them to make sense. Don't get me wrong, but I can't find the game in this game. It's too- well "hard" is the wrong word. Calling a game of "needle in the haystack" hard makes it sound interesting and challenging, when in reality- a trained monkey can do it, if he just has a lot of time.

As far as goes the art stuff, I love it. Nice ambient music, as you should do in these games. I hate it when music overwhelms the game, making it a headache, something to get rid of. You haven't done it, which is a plus. Also, the drawing is colourful and clear, also rare in these games. I like it.

Too bad there's little gaming value.

I liked the slider puzzle but there has to be some clues somewhere. Especially need is a way to let the player know where areas of interest are, rather than leaving them to click on every single thing. I got woefully lost early on after finding the hairpin. This game needs a lot of work.

Its quite a bit vague. I had trouble going through it as part of solving the puzzles are a bit difficult. I rather play this without having to go through the walkthrough so much. I took me a bit to figure out how to solve the puzzle on the wall.