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Reviews for "chestnut avenue (101)"

Aint bad at all you have put some effort in this. No glitches and running smooth. Nothing new but a quality point and click. a bit short The drawing part made no sense as you could just randomly click on the plant anyhow

Very hard, it didn't look like there were locks on the doors :(

Puzzle-wise, quite a good "escape the room" style game. I enjoyed the difficulty of the puzzles: although to be fair the number puzzle is probably a little obtuse for anyone who is not good at recognising number sequences... especially because of where you choose to place the arrow. You get full marks for the final clue to opening the green box - that one made me think. (Think: 8 numbers, 8 letters, two sets of dials, why letters and numbers?)

The BIG problem with this game is there is no in-game motivation to "escape the room" and certainly no in-game reward for escaping: and of course there was the ever present open windows...

Another problem is the lack of player feedback: if I click on a locked door, its nice to get a locked door noise - true I am nitpicking: but either I can interact with everything (eg open all the drawers and cupboards & light the candle in the bedroom) OR what I can interact with gives me some feedback when I interact with it unsuccessfully. For me this meant the game was boring to play: you only get something out of it when you are successful, otherwise nothing. (Maybe sitting there and rattling the locks helps me think?!)

BTW I actually quite liked the visual style & music (calming) - which is probably the only reason I finally managed to solve this and not give up.

Nice, but for some reason I ain't getting the medals

Broken medals, also you really could hint a tad bit better.