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Reviews for "chestnut avenue (101)"

Very good game. I enjoyed it a lot.

love the art style and music. but its hard, i didnt finish. help please???

Good art, good play, damned challenging...
Overall, pretty good. Keep going.

Good game! --But I didn't get exactly the numbers in the wall... I only need to get the last key!! Help me, if you can. (PM me, plz)

Kinda hard but fun

This one had some good art very artistic style and it just really stood out. now took me awhile to figure out all the different quizes and stuff but they were pretty original and different but then i got the hang of it, this is the game I really like, i will be adding this one to my faves. This one kind of reminds me of a long line of something great, and the long line is well worth the wait, because when this one is all done it brings quality, atyle and lots of fun, So i was pleased with the start to the end aswell as the quality you gave this one.

The part wehre you need to use the pencil to dig up something you actually dont even need that just by clicking on dirt you can dig it up for the next item. you may want to fix that or even just leave it as is.