Reviews for "Heavy Pawnage"

Decent Game

argene responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it! :)

I was playing through the 3rd level again to get some money, and then when it got to the boss, the first 3 seconds of the music started looping, and then a whole shitton of bosses kept appearing from the right side of the screen, needless to say I died horribly

I'm pretty sure that wasn't supposed to happen

Great game! There's a glitch on the 3rd boss, if you pause during the fight the boss clones itself. o-o fix that please XD

this game is by-far the most well thought of game ever

Art = A+
Music = C-
Gameplay = B+
Story = A+

The art is very cute and simple though the music is kinda meh, gameplay is okay but everything moves slowly and the Story is simple and nice.