Reviews for "Heavy Pawnage"

Excellent! I have no words!

i liked the way you spelled "heaby" machine gun. thats the kinda stuff i would like to see in more games, people are really proper with the way they make their games a lot of the time. you don't see humor like that very often. the game is pretty fast paced, and its fun to wail on the enemies once you've gotten the heavy melee weapon. also, the lack of guns was a bit disapointing. but the gameplay more than made up for it.

A nice side scroller with some pretty character design! How you complete the level i found a bit vague, but it's not that much of a problem.

fun game, but found a glitch:
pause the game when the first boss comes out, when you resume the game you'll have another boss walking on the screen, keep doing it and you'll find the screen swarmed by the first boss clones.

the music is awesome tooo and so is the game