Reviews for "Heavy Pawnage"

Only problems are the awards are not activating. Such as the ones for registering a certain number kills. I have 140+ kills and did not get the award. And I visited the sponsor site and did not get the award that goes with it. You guys should check the awards to make sure they all work correctly.

So ... here we are. The controls are easy and good to handle. You should probably add some more ammo crates at the beginning and less at the end so it gets harder to have some ammo left the further you get in the game.

This is the only thing I can complain about, but I still got some suggestions for you.
Here they are:
1. Add some different specialities to the melee weapons, for example a slowing/freeze effect for the 2nd melee (units hit get slowed), or a burning/fire effect on the 3rd melee, setting enemies on

2. Add a chance to drop random packs of ammo at the beginning, decreasing the chance towards the end. You need more ammo boxes at the beginning than in the end. Probably give out more gold in the end to balance ammo/gold drops again.

Well, that's it for now. I hope this will help you.

As has been said, the controls are very good. I appreciated the variety of enemies, and the upgrades managed to keep things interesting. The music really held it all together.

My only real complaint is the ammo. This game is VERY stingy with its ammo, and the first several levels have to essentially be played with a melee weapon. Certain enemies, such as the black soldiers, eat up your ammo, so much so that killing a group of them will eat up half of your total ammo, even on the later levels. Extra ammo can only be gotten from objects lying scarcely around the level.

Usually when a game has low ammo, it has powerful melee weapons to compensate. While melee upgrades are available, there are only three of them, while there are no fewer than fifteen guns. None of them have sufficient ammo, the highest ammo count any one of them can have WITH UPGRADES is about 170, give or take 10. There are 3 weapon slots, but going in with 3 guns is suicide, except on far later levels. This problem is compounded since even the strongest melee weapon still takes multiple hits for some common enemies, and often doesn't hit more than one or two enemies when slashing at a group.

To improve the game, I would suggest one of three things. One, have random enemies drop ammo. Two, have more available melee weapons with upgrades. Three, fewer high health-ed enemies like the green and black robots. I could only progress through the game without dying by avoiding them, which makes it too heavy on dodging, and turns it into more of a chore than a shooter still be. Despite all my criticism, it killed a few hours, and I genuinely did enjoy it. It can improve, but it is already better than many online games.

Graphics: good
Gameplay: good
Music: A bore

What can be fixed?
1. Some guns just don't do enough damage: shotguns
2. Some enemies have varying hp. The easiest enemies will take 3 times to kill with the strongest melee weapon. why?
3. Bullets run out to fast.
4. clustered enemies make it hard for players to do anything (gets stunned)
5. Prices and upgrades are a little pricey. Can't go on in the game without playing a level over and over again. It gets repetitive.
6. Is it kill count or time that decides the end of a level? What's the point of time?
7. Speed? Need more of it. With harder levels, heavier weapons. You can barely move around.
8. Intro sometimes doesn't work.
9. pwning not pawning... don't like to go to pawn shops
10. medals would be great for this game

It was fun to play.

fun game, but found a glitch:
pause the game when the first boss comes out, when you resume the game you'll have another boss walking on the screen, keep doing it and you'll find the screen swarmed by the first boss clones.