Reviews for "Heavy Pawnage"

an addictive game :) actually,it's pretty easy and fun game to play,i basically equip all 3 weapon slots j,k,l with shotguns,upgrade shot gun clip,speed,armor,damage first and ignore all those robots and I would just keep moving forward and spam anything that is out of my way,i would just aim for those gold boxes and cones,bullets is not an issue anymore,it makes fast money too:)

Pros: Fun, fast-paced
Cons: Gets boring after awhile
If there was a little something more it would be an icing on the cake to an already good game.

Amazing game, Its been a while since ive played a good shooter like this, my only problem is that survival doesnt get progressively harder and the music loops arent done so well, other than that, throw about 5+ more enemy types, a few more bosses, and clean up everything, and i would gladly pay money for a game like this

Love the game, and personally dont have any issues with the weapon damage. My only draw back, is what determines the end of a level? i keep getting to the exit point and nothing happens. the jetpacks keep falling like they are in a loop without letting me activate the exit, and i just stand there and kill and kill until i die.

I liked the game, but the melee weapons were far too weak. I suggest either an aoe top-level melee that is able to slice through swarms of enemies, or a guaranteed one hit kill (including green and black robots. Additionally, I'd like to see some more powerful top-level weapons overall. The shotgun and light machine guns were sadly weak.
Finishing levels by just killing the weak enemies and avoiding all of the green/black enemies just became annoying.
That said, this provided good entertainment to blow a bit of time and I came back to it a few times to finish the game. Overall, good job.