Reviews for "Heavy Pawnage"

Hey author argene,the 'Special Clip' upgrade supposedly increase the ammo amount for Sunugan,Lancer and Encaser.BUT,IT DIDN"T INCREASE THE AMMO AMOUNT FOR SUNUGAN,LANCER AND ENCASER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!! I want your reply about my review,if you have free time.

Lol, the only thing I noticed about this game is when you go into the shop it says "heaby" instead of heavy when buying ammo upgrades. Great game otherwise!

This game is cool

*sees game* hmmm i wonder what this could be... (Run + Gun Shooter) ALRITE LETS DO THIS SHIT! Nice Game :D Getting money is a bit hard though, but its a minor problem, it makes you play more (quite Effective)

The game is pretty good. Addicting even. But gold acquisition is a bit too hard. Especially that some of the more powerful weapons are well beyond the 1k mark. But I guess that's what makes this game addicting. The fact that you'll have to kill a lot of enemies before you get the gold that you need. I like the art too. Cute but cool at the same time. Also, I'd like to ask. Are you Filipino by chance? The weapons names are such give aways. XD