Reviews for "Heavy Pawnage"

Decent game. Decent action. It's far too hard to escape an enemy when they land directly on top of you though, plus you can't hit them as they beat away at you. In the later levels, even with max armor, you can be killed within seconds when you get unlucky and four or five enemies drop directly on top of you.

Also, a display for how much damage you're dealing, and gold earned so far in a round would be nice.

Besides the infuriating issue with enemies getting too close, great game.

simple + fun = awesome game !!


it was interesting, but i didn't like the fact that when you are being attacked you can't escape from it easily..

Great game, it feels very intuitive and simple, while still fun to play. I got minor complaints about the menus, such and you not being able to see the weapons you have equipped without unequipping them, and not being able to see how much damage a weapon does. Would also have been able to quit a level, without having to commit suicide.