Reviews for "Heavy Pawnage"

This game is so much fun and addicting, and its so simple yet difficult at the same time.

I thought "Heaby Machine Gun" is a typoâEU¦ Anyhow, I've just started playing and I'm really enjoying the game so far. Well done.

i liked the way you spelled "heaby" machine gun. thats the kinda stuff i would like to see in more games, people are really proper with the way they make their games a lot of the time. you don't see humor like that very often. the game is pretty fast paced, and its fun to wail on the enemies once you've gotten the heavy melee weapon. also, the lack of guns was a bit disapointing. but the gameplay more than made up for it.

a surprisingly fun and simple game mechanic, there were a few things that if improved would make this a five, but otherwise if a bit of a fun game was the goal then it was reached, so a job well done! :)

The shop mechanic was simple and enjoyable, as well as the leveling system, the things that could be better in particular are how it feels when being attacks, at the moment it's more like you're being hugged by the enemies, so some definitive moves on their part would be better, as well as some polished background art.

Nice work :)

Great game, had a lot of fun with it. Felt like a total badass running around as this guy.

The challenge kind of disappeared once I figured out that the best strategy is to keep running right, all resource management goes out the window there and it becomes a game of run to create, mutilate the crap out of enemies around the crate, run to next crate, rinse repeat. Not only does this method circumvent a gameplay element (that you state in your comment) it is more rewarding in terms of gold to do it as well! I see that it is a hint you give out as well which makes me raise an eyebrow.

What's with the last boss doing an attack that lasts until you die in which you cannot escape <_< Can't be bothered trying him again after dying to that attack twice (I was moving, full speed upgrade, full armor upgrade) Still had a lot of fun with the game.

9.9/10, lots of fun!