Reviews for "Heavy Pawnage"

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOME!!!!! i used Ted and Snowflake Dead rising 2 music for this! >:D

Great game, I like the fact that it is difficult. When did gamers become such whiners??

One thing I admit I didn't like is that you slow down so much every time you got hit. It means that if one of the heavier guys is right on top of you you can't get far enough away to hit them (due to the fact that they can hit you but you can only hit what is in front of you) before you die.

But overall, a really great, kept me grinding and playing for hours!

Oh Lulz Balisong, itak... 4 and a half for pure filipino awesomeness

this game is by-far the most well thought of game ever

This is an incredible game! A great amount of chaos onscreen with the masses of killing which can be a bit confusing when there's a missile that you don't see in the confusion or a little suicide robot running at you.

Game started out quite a challenge and had to revisit some of the stages to get more money for better weapons though after finishing the game and going onto the survival mode I found it way too easy. Got to 2000 seconds and finally got tired and realised that I can still get my health and ammo full so if I don't kill myself I'll be stuck here forever. Just saying you could make the survival mode a bit harder or downsize the Mutilator.

The closest thing to a complaint that I can give is that the Mutilator weapon is very much overpowered and makes the game very easy once you've upgraded the damage and upgraded the clips also the heavy machine gun clip upgrade says "heaby".

Great game 10/10 and 5/5.